Due to the immense amount of rain today and forecast for Thursday, IPSC Stage Night is cancelled for this week. Next week is our normal night off the for AFGC Board Meeting, but we will be back in two weeks on October 8th.

As we are now getting into the season where the weather is going to be unpredictable, we will be moving practices to the indoor range when it’s too wet to be on Range 4. Because of this we will need to limit the amount of shooters that can attend as the indoor is a much more confined space. Masks when not shooting will have to be worn.

Abby IPSC will be setting up a shooter registration system in the next couple weeks that will be limited to 8-10 shooters on a first come, first served basis. Should there be an evening when we are sure we can be outside, we may be able to open it up to a few more people.

Stage set up will start at 6 PM with shooting to start at 7 PM and ending at 10 PM. With fewer shooters attending, we need everyone to show up at 6 to setup so we can get the most amount of stage time in.

COVID-19 physical distancing recommendations are still in effect. Please bring masks so they can be worn while you are not shooting.

The drop-in fee is $10.00 for everyone. You must have your Black Badge to participate.

Stay tuned the AFGC website and the Active Shooter Newsletter for updates and the registration link.

If you’ve got any questions, please email us at ipsc@afgc.ca. Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you out!

IPSC Sub Club Team