The interclub shot at Agassiz on September the 13. The Abbotsford team consisted of;

Greg Wesselivs 22
Daryl Jantzen 19
Dean Wohlberg 15
Ed Parsons 15
Jordy Thiessen 22

The total final score :

Mission 109
Agassiz 103
Abbotsford 93
Chilliwack 83

The club had twelve people out on the Sunday shoot dated Sept 20th. Due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID there will be no Turkey shoot this year. Sunday shoot will commence as usual on the third Sunday of every month, Oct 18th and Nov 15th.

The night practice of Sept 10, 14 shooters 11, 8.

Huge congratulations to Greg Wesselivs for earning his 100 straight patch (photo).

Nathan Gole