The first IPSCBC Qualifiers for 2018 were held March 31 and April 1 at Port Coquitlam. Several IPSC Sub Club members attended.

Here are the top finishers from Abbotsford for both matches.

March 31

Open Division
Kelly Abram – 2nd Overall
Murray Gardner – 2nd A
Chris Talkes – 3rd C

Standard Division
Mitchell Ton – 2nd A
Trevor Dick – 1st D

Rob Engh – 1st Overall
Lee Corfe – 3rd Overall
Manny Dikaekos – 1st M
Curtis Young – 2nd M
Geoff Fraser – 2nd B
Jay Brayshaw – 3rd B
Don Ton – 2nd U
Shalane Talkes – First Match

Production Optics
Brian Connors – 3rd Overall

Patrick Labron – 1st A
Jessica Maclowich – First Match

April 1

Open Division
Kelly Abram – 2nd Overall

Standard Division
Trevor Dick – 1st D

Production Division
Curtis Young – 1st Overall
Lee Corfe – 1st A
Manny Dikaekos – 2nd M
Geoff Fraser – 1st B
Jim Atkey – 2nd C

Production Optics
Brian Connors – 1st C
Mitchell Ton – 1st B

Patrick Labron – 1st A
Cheryl Atkey – 1st D
Jessica Maclowich – 1st U

The IPSC Sub Club has been assigned its own Container. This will allow us to store all IPSC related equipment in one place. Power and lights has just been installed in the container. 

We ask all the IPSC Sub Club members to watch the IPSCBC web page for Match registration openings as the Matches fill up fast.