A very special thanks goes out to all the volunteers that came out and absolutely slaughtered the IPSC Workbee this past Saturday.

We had about 15 guys show up and put in a good solid 7 hours of work building over 70 walls for IPSC and club use! We definitely could not have achieved this without the your expertise and complete work effort. 

Thanks to Brian C, Geoff F, Bobby T, Lee C, Silvio L, Jim A, Matt T, Alejandra C, Paul J, Steve C, André H, Dave J. We even had a couple volunteers that aren’t yet members, Mike P and Roland O your extra help is truly appreciated.

At the same time we had Trevor Dick from Phoenix Crane on site donating his time and equipment to help us move around some containers and parking barricades with Caretaker Dan’s help they also accomplished a ton of work on Saturday.

Check out the photos below and the video of Trevor precisely placing a container right between two others!