///ATS for December 2017

ATS for December 2017

A wet day was had by all- a big “THANKS…” to Dan and Audrey, for getting Range 3 ‘dry’, for Sunday- amazing how fast the water will re-pool, though!

8 shooters out, in spite of the prior range issues and ongoing weather, which was great to see; ”If it ain’t rain’, it ain’t trainin’..!” certainly applied through out the day.

ATS will be taking the 24th of Dec off, though if I get enough ‘I wanna..’, we may go ahead, just to welcome Santa in with a “get some” sleigh ride.

Next “regularly scheduled ATS day” will be 28 Jan, 2018; 250 rnds each platform, 0930 start, please RSVP if you “plan on Jan”.

Claude Murdoch

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