The PPC Sub-Club held our Christmas Turkey shoot on December 5 at the PoCo range, for which we thank their club for making their range available to us and our fellow Abbotsford members and sub clubs until we are able to return to our home ranges.

Over the 2021 year some of our PPC shooters participated in the virtual (postal) matches sanctioned by the Washington State Police Pistol Association. Four of our Canadian shooters qualified for the Washington State Governor’s list of the top 20 PPC shooters. Mark Horsley of our Abbotsford club took first place.

Congratulations to Chris Schmidt who won the Turkey, Gordon Tremblay who won the Oregon Walk-down, and a special congratulations to Sharon (lightening) Gregson (the only female competitor) for winning the One on One balloon match.

We started our 2022 PPC shooting year, number 40 consecutive years of matches on the first Sunday of each month, on January 2nd. The temperature warmed up nicely to about 5 degrees and the snow held off making it an enjoyable day for shooting.

We are all looking forward to some warmer, dryer weather and the completion of repairs and the return of shooting at our own range hopefully soon this year.

We hope that all club members had a safe and healthy merry Christmas and New Years and wish them well for the rest of 2022.

A special thanks to Dan and Audrey for all their work in dealing with the start of range repairs so far.

As a result of the flood, some of our regular shooters are still stranded at home just like Dan & Audrey, and we all look forward to getting back to our own facilities.

Keep safe and healthy.

Russell Sorsdahl,
PPC Director