The PPC Sub Club held our Spring CPCA Registered match the first Sunday in May where all the shooter’s scores are submitted to the Canadian Police Combat Association and are used for classification review and upgrading if necessary.  The weather was the best we have had all year which made for a very enjoyable day.

Our monthly training/practice match was held on June 3rd with one club member participating for his first match where scores were kept, and he voiced his intention to continue participating on a  monthly basis.

Two other club members took the opportunity to observe our match and get briefed on the PPC shooting discipline which concentrates on accuracy under nominal time constraints and at distances which they had never tried before.  Both are looking forward to shooting a match and getting some coaching at our next match in July.

Two of our club  member PPC shooters will be travelling to Richland, Washington and the Hanford Nuclear Patrol training facility to participate in the Washington State PPC Championships and the North West Regional PPC Championships being held from June 15 – 17.

Our next monthly training/practice match will be held on Sunday July 1 on range 3 starting at 10:00 AM.   

Club members are welcome to come and observe our course of fire and should you wish to participate all are welcome. For information on the course of fire, ammunition and equipment requirements, please contact PPC director Bob Stoddart or PPC sub club chief range office and instructor Russell Sorsdahl.  Our contact information is listed on the Abbotsford F&G website.

Stay safe on and off the range.

Robert Stoddart
PPC Sub Club Director