We held our February 2022 monthly CPCA match on February 6th at the PoCo club with half way decent weather. The match was held at the PoCo District range due to the closure of the Abbotsford club from the November 2021 flood damage. 

We will be holding our April CPCA match on April 3rd, most likely at the PoCo Club.

We greatly appreciate the PoCo club making their facilities available for our club members during the Abbotsford club closure.

Even though our monthly matches the first Sunday of the month trough to November are CPCA registered matches, you don’t have to be a CPCA member to come out and shoot along with us at PoCo or at Abbotsford when we get back on our range. If members are interested in shooting along with us you can contact me by email for any further information on times and courses of fire information as well as the protocols for the PoCo club until we reopen at Abbotsford.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.

Russell Sorsdahl,
PPC Director