Local rivers:

Fraser River: Tidal and Non-tidal – Sturgeon fishing has really taken off – the spring warmth has made the Big Whites aggressive on both sides of the boundary (Mission Bridge). The guides are using salmon belly; eels; pike minnows and oolichons – with salmon parts being the best (stinkier the better ! ) Trout have also really come alive – fish for them at tide change with worms; single eggs; krill and egg sacks – also small spinners in the hardware department.

Chilliwack/Vedder: The Steelhead have paired up and kelted – making them very aggressive and easy to hook using bait. The river is back up and making conditions nice again. Rubber worms and jigs working well. Also Roe and Dew worms, Colorado’s and Crockopiles on dull days!

Chehalis/Harrison: Getting too high and fast – choose your areas wisely, meaning brackish water! Best baits are Dew worms; Roe; Krill and Spinners.

Local lakes:

Hope River had a great clean up crew show!

Kawkawa Lake is on fire – Kokane and Cutthroat are abundant near or on the bottom. Use Krill; single eggs and Dew worms for a change up.

Grace Wolf, Deer Hicks and Stacey lakes have just been stocked! Use Cuts and Rainbows……..get out there!

Interior lakes:

Logan; Margarite; Lundbaum and Corbin lakes are all ice free and producing many large fish. Use small fly patterns; worms; shrimp and chrionomides.

Don’t forget – Jim Thorpe and I are planning a fly-tying class for the spring depending on membership interest. Let me know.

Chair:Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Dylan Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina