Local Rivers:

Fraser River: tidal and non-tidal – still very good fishing for the Cutthroat, White fish and Bull trout. The river is ideal now as the water levels are still low! Be warned though the melt is coming very soon and with above average snow pack the river will become dangerous! Fishing for Sturgeon is slow, best baits for the Sturgeon are pike minnows; roe balls; salmon parts and eels. Best baits for the trout family are single eggs; worms; shrimp and baited jigs. There has been no word of any closures to the Fraser – yet!!? We may get a Chinook opening in August!

Chilliwack/Vedder: the river is extremely low but for those willing to angle heavier runs you can still get fish; the Steelhead are paired up and nesting right now. This means coloured fish and kelt – best baits are small egg and shrimp sacs; dew worms; beads #8 & 10mm; ghost shrimp and jigs tipped with herring air shrimp oil.

Chehalis/Harrison: No water is the challenge here. Not much to report as there is no fish in numbers there. But the Trout are plentiful and the best baits are single eggs; krill and deli shrimp (small) and try tiny spinners for a change up!

Local Lakes: are ice free and teeming with fish. Both hatchery and wild stock so use krill; single eggs and flies.

Interior Lakes: Many citizens of the North are asking visitors to stay in their own communities, please do not go north! Many anglers are fishing for Cray fish while angling in certain lakes. Large Rainbows in the Columbia use midges (Chrionomids) Cray fish are plentiful in the Kootenay’s especially in Nelson – get yourself a net!! Apex lures have become the go to trolling baits. Ice fishing is essentially over for the year.

Stay safe and Don’t forget to ‘Socially Distance’ yourselves!!

Chair: Loren Sherbina

Co-Chair: Darien Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina