Attention all Members please note as of July 1st, 2019 there are new Guest Pass procedures in effect at the range.

Below we are going to cover the new procedures for bringing guests to the range.

Each club membership allows you to bring up to three guests per visit to the range with you. A family membership is considered a single membership and therefore you can only bring up to three guests in total as well.

All guests, whether shooting or spectating, must wear eye and hearing protection at all times while on the ranges. Do not leave your guests unattended, especially if they are a novice. It is your responsibility to directly supervise your guests and to keep them and your fellow members safe. Make sure your guests are aware and comply with all range rules. Failure to follow any of the rules will transfer all liability of the guests’ actions to you, the member.

Before you arrive to the range, be sure to have enough money to pay for the guest fees, the club only accepts cash, please no IOU’s!


When you arrive at a range entrance you will see the sign-in cabinet and inside you will find guest pass envelopes. You will need one envelope for each guest. Inside each envelope you will find a guest pass sticker and a guest pass badge, remove the contents.
Remove Contents From Envelope


Peel the backing off the Guest Pass sticker and place over top of the area marked “VOID” on the Guest Pass badge.
Place Sticker on Badge


Clip the Guest Pass badge to a visible area on each guest for the duration of their visit.
Clip Guest Pass on Visible Area of Guest


Next, you must fill out the information on the front of the envelope for each guest. This is very important as it will qualify them for insurance coverage while visiting the club.
Fill Out Guest Pass Envelope


Once you have filled out all of the information, place the $10 guest fee into the envelope, seal it, and place the envelope into the metal lockbox next to the cabinet. This must be done for each individual guest.
All guest fees must be paid prior to entering the ranges and are good for one person on one day and expires at 10:00 pm. Guest passes are also non-transferrable.
Place Guest Fee in Envelope and Place in Lockbox


After everyone has put on their eye and hearing protection, you may now enter the range using your membership card.
When you and your guests are done shooting for the day, it’s important that you clean up your area and safely put away your equipment. As you are exiting the range please be sure to remove any guest passes and drop them in the guest fee lockbox.
Place Guest Pass in Lockbox upon Exiting

Thank you, shoot straight, stay safe and have fun on the range!