Notice of Special Meeting, August 3, 2023

In accordance with our constitution and bylaws, any items not presented and approved at the last AGM require that a General Special Meeting be called to seek approval of the membership.

There will be one item on the agenda for approval.

Item 1

It is MOVED, Robert Engh, SECONDED, Emily Duquette THAT the board of directors be allowed to secure letters of credit, loans or other borrowing devices, as needed, to obtain development permits, building permits and to complete the approved renovations and rebuilds of the club facilities.

This special meeting will start at 7:30 pm and our regular General meeting will take place immediately after.

This is a members only meeting, you must pre-register and have a Zoom account for the meeting below.–urjwvHNRCCNVHMbovreOgYojdJVpA

Thank you, AFGC Board of Directors