Notice of Special General Meeting, June 14, 2018, 7:30 PM

In accordance of our constitution and bylaws, any items not presented and approved at the last AGM, requires that a General Special Meeting be called to seek approval of the membership.

There will be three items on the agenda for budget approval.

Item 1

Approval for a budget increase for the purchase of a Washroom Enclosure for installation near Ranges 3 & 4. An estimated cost was approved at the AGM for the installation of washrooms, after receiving several quotes, the costs are higher than first estimated and in order to complete this project an increase in the budget must be approved. The budget request for this motion is $50,000.

Item 2

Approval for a new budget item Electrical Connection Upgrades. Due to the additional washrooms, lighting and other future services being planned for the Club, there is a need to run an additional electrical service from the street. The budget request for this motion is $35,000.

Item 3

Approval for a budget increase for the Range 2 Expansion Project. Due to rising construction costs, in order to move forward with the Range 2 Expansion Project, the Board of Directors recommends that the budget for the project be increased by 15%.

Thanks, AFGC Board of Directors