Local Rivers

Fraser River: tidal and non-tidal – closed to retention of any fish species. Trout closed due to low returns of chum, chinook sockeye – salmon and coho closed due to the mismanagement of both Provincial and Federal governments, poaching has also had it’s impact!

Sturgeon are still open for catch and release. The river is in bad shape, to successfully angle for the sturgeon find all the deal salmon carcasses you can locate or as fresh as possible roe chunks as you can ( remember NOT cured). You also have eels and oolichons combined with big worm for a change up.

Tidal portion of the river to retain Coho.

Chilliwack/Vedder: is having glorious fishing this season. Still al lot of fresh fish moving into the canal each day. Quota – 4 fish daily! 2 Chinook (1 Chinook overs 65cm), 2 hatchery Coho.

Harrison Watershed: Closed to Chum. Allowed 2 Chinook and 2 Coho. Single Barbless only!

Chehalis: is very slow! The few fish I have heard of are smaller spooky Coho, still a Chinook or two being killed. Fish for them with bait (only use roe), jigs and spinners are also producing results.

Dewdney: is finished for the season!

Capilano: is still full of Expo Ernie Coho! Fish for them early or ate in the day. Spinners and jigs are the preferred baits. Be careful on the river as the water levels can change quickly – Don’t take Chances!

Seymour: is totally closed to all angling. 

Local Lakes: Fishing has not picked up in the higher elevations. East and West Harrison – Hicks, Deer, Weaver, Wolf, Grace, Lo9okout and Wsood are all fishing much better now the cooler weather has arrived. Best baits are single egg’s, worms, shrimp and corn! Fly Guys look at your minnow patterns – or a gang and roll will be a good change up.

Interior Lakes: Tunkwa ‘bomber chrionomids’ are recommended as the hatch has now started! Producing Rainbows to 6lb caught daily. Stump and Joko also giving up big Rainbows in the 2-5lb class. Most other low elevation lakes are picking up – best to arm yourself with Chrionomids, Bloodworms, Boatman (small) and Leeches and use single eggs and deli shrimp as a change up.

Due to my recent hip replacement and the loss of my nephew Dylan Francis, I have been forced to convalesce just when fall fishing has exploded with angling experiences!

New club member – James Deugau in now my new co-chair. Please welcome him aboard! I look forward to hearing all about your fall angling experiences, please do not hesitate to contact me with your fishing tales!! 

Chair: Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: James Degault, Elaine Ridout-Sherbina