The summer is in full swing now it seems, with some really nice hot days, if you find yourself needing water at the club, feel free to get it from the hose bibs near each range, just remember to hook this back up if you have to disconnect anything.

We have a new system in place for reporting safety infractions on the ranges and have already received a complaint from a member. It is vitally important that everyone know the rules of the range and how to do things. Most importantly is not touching guns, uncasing them or otherwise, during ceasefires. It doesn’t matter if you know the gun is unloaded, DO NOT TOUCH THEM WHEN THE LIGHT IS GREEN. As well, always make sure your muzzle direction is correct, the only place the muzzle should point is down range, toward the targets, or straight up if you’re using the rack for rifles and shotguns, or straight down if you’re using a holster. Muzzles should never, ever point at other people, EVER, or side to side at the firing line. To allow this is unacceptable and can result in membership privileges being revoked.

Our Open House was a great success this year, thanks to all the volunteers who put so much time into the event. Looking forward to seeing next year’s event!