The bridge is open and we have been able to bring in equipment to truly start the work at the club. We do ask that members not attend the range until it is reopened, this includes just pulling into the parking lot and looking around. AFGC is an active construction site, complete with hazardous materials being handled and large equipment moving around.

The big question is, when will we reopen, and we simply cannot answer that yet. I would expect that ranges 2B and 3 will open first, followed by 4 and 5. Range 2 is going to be the last to open because of the volume of material that needs to be dealt with and the ongoing permit applications needed to continue the work that was started under emergency guidelines during the multiple floods we had. To say there is a lot of material to remove would be a massive understatement, and it is not covered by insurance, so the Club will be footing the entire bill for that.

We will also be holding off on our AGM until we reopen, however renewals will take place at their normal time. I’ve had a few people, more in the last couple weeks, contact me asking if there will be a rate reduction or anything due to the closure, and currently that answer is no. We did offer a rebate after being closed during COVID, in the spring/summer two years ago, however we weren’t facing millions of dollars in repairs and construction. If people choose to not renew as a result, I understand and accept your decision.

It is important to note that calling our Board of Directors and being rude or disrespectful over the time it’s taking to rebuild, or over membership renewal fees is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

As soon as we have a date to open, we will let you all know. Hopefully things start building speed and we can get some ranges open soon™, no one wants that more than me I can assure you. And when we open, there will be improvements and changes that, we hope, will make up for some of the downtime and give our members an even better range experience.

Robert Engh
President Abbotsford Fish and Game Club