To all our new members, welcome! Let this also be a reminder to get plugged into a Sub Club. This will allow you to get involved with the club and meet new members. If you can try out our entire sub club line up. Each sub club meets weekly. You never know, you may discover a new shooting discipline. 

During this time as we search for our new club caretakers, please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself on the range. To all sub clubs please do your part to keep the ranges in tip top shape. If garbage’s require changing please do so. Simply dispose of the garbage bags in either of our 2 bins.

This is also a special reminder while either on the range or on the 3D archery trails. PLEASE, NO SMOKING!!! As we know this is fire season. Lets do our part and keep our range safe from fires. Further to this, NO EXPLOSIVE TARGETS. These targets lead to the largest fire we are facing in 100 Mile House. We don’t need an accident like this to happen to us.

Please be safe and enjoy your summer!

Mark Porter

Photo above was taken by Linda Dunn of a baby fawn born June 10, 2017 on Range 5