The club has been running great and small improvements are still being done by our awesome caretakers. New painting, new doors and other projects they’ve been working on have been completed and the club looks great, as always. 

We are still getting a surprising number of complaints from members about very basic safety violations by other members. It is shocking that people will actually say “but it’s unloaded” when they are handling firearms during the cease fire and people are downrange of them. Or, uncasing firearms on the rear tables, where the signs clearly state, don’t uncase or case here. As a result, we are now requiring those caught violating the rules to retake their orientation and, until such time as they do, they will not have access to the ranges. Safety has to be the number 1 priority at the club, and there is no excuse for not following the very simple rules when it comes to gun handling. What is even worse is that people choose to argue with those who point out the violations or accuse them of being “range police”. This can and will lead to a member conduct review, and can mean expulsion from the club. 

I would love to be able to not have to address these issues on such a regular basis, and this isn’t something that happens only with new members. So, please, don’t handle guns during the ceasefire, don’t take them out of their cases on the back benches, or put them back in there either, don’t point the muzzle anywhere but downrange, wear your safety glasses, and lastly, if you make a mistake, do not get angry at someone for pointing it to you. Your mistake could be deadly and it’s every member’s responsibility to ensure the rules are being followed.