A fantastic August has led into a very nice looking September and the ranges are bustling. We are still doing work in the back behind the ranges and hopefully that will be done by the 9th of September, but it may continue into the following week for a couple days, please keep an eye on the website for updates to range operating times.

You may have noticed a new berm on Range 2 behind 2B. There will be a flag or light system installed shortly so that when people go down to change targets on 2 people at the firing line will know they are down there. In the meantime please ensure no one is still downrange, in the area behind 2B, before you turn the lights red on 2 and start shooting. It only takes a moment to walk down and confirm.

A quick reminder to not open doors for people without cards and allow them onto the range. I’ve had reports of people asking to be let in, who aren’t members, so they can sight in their hunting rifles, like the apparently do every year. Non-members must be with members and pay the guest fee, no one is allowed in to “quickly sight in their rifle”. If they aren’t a member or a guest of a member, they are not allowed on the range.