2017/2018 has been a very productive year here at AFGC. We saw a couple long overdue projects completed. Our new power front gates and our LED range lights. We are still experiencing a few programming bugs in the gate system. But as soon as that’s looked after, the gates should work awesome. 

In July we were blessed with our new club caretakers, Dan & Audrey. What a welcomed addition! As you can see on the range and our grounds, their attention to detail is amazing. Their skill sets are awesome. They are both perfectionists to say the least. Thank you very much Dan & Audrey. You have given our club a much need face lift. 

We had a strong year of growth in all our sub clubs. Our largest recorded growths took place in 22 club, IPSIC and archery. Many thanks go out to all our sub club directors. Your commitment to your sub club is what makes AFGC the success it is. If you are not plugged into a sub club, please do. You’re missing out if you don’t. 

It has been an honor serving as club President. Over this past year working with this current Board of Directors has been a lot of fun. This by far has been the most committed group I’ve ever worked with. Our monthly attendance to board meetings was likely the best in club history. And the involvement and input from all BOD has been amazing! I am hoping we have another year to work together as we still have a lot of work to do. 

Thanks again for electing me as your club President! 

Mark Porter