We shoot at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club on Range 4 (2nd parking lot) starting at 7-10pm. The range is covered and has infrared heaters on it, but dress for the weather regardless. Cost is $5 per person. Standard centerfire Pistols, Rimfire Pistol and Rifle and Pistol Calibre Carbine are welcome, holsters are not required nor is your Black Badge (IPSC). You shoot 5 passses of 5 rounds each, once everyone has shot, we start at the top of the list again and repeat until we are done

To go a bit easier after the two weeks off we will be shooting smoke and hope this week! everyone loves shooting close big plates fast so lets see how quickly we can do it.

Here is max shooting it last year for his world record. We will see how close we get to it!


I’m also going to be testing to see about shooting the longer stages with the range 3 lights and if that works out then we will be doing a 4 week continuous match where we shoot 2 stages per night and your first one is your official score. After a month we will then have a full match score to see how we did. I’ll give everyone a 2 week update before it starts to help everyone schedule.