Members, please be aware of some Steel Challenge Rules updates for Tuesday evenings.

  • Tuesday night steel will start promptly at 7:15 pm. Those arriving late may not be able to shoot depending on that night’s turn out.
  • Drop in fees for members is still $5, but for non-members the fee is now $10.

While COVID physical distancing is still in effect, the following rules are now in effect:

  • If you feel the need to have noisy conversation, please step outside the range or you may be asked to leave.
  • The maximum people on Range 4 during Tuesday night shall 8 people at one time.
  • Additional people will need to wait outside the range till their name is called. This will also help with hearing the hits on targets.
  • Any teaching or demonstrating on how to shoot steel will be moved to Range 5.
  • If you are not IPSC, 3-Gun or IDPA trained, I would appreciate you NOT using a holster.

Due to the large turnouts we really don’t have the time or the space to coach new people on the stage, so maybe get some coaching time arranged with one of the more experienced shooters on Range 5 so that when you do step up it won’t be so daunting or time consuming. 

We are getting great turnouts but the amount of time between runs isn’t very efficient. Everyone wants to shoot so I’m hoping this may speed up the night. This will hopefully change as I figure it out. 

Steel Challenge Director