Abbotsford Fish and Game Club (AFGC) has received many communications from its membership regarding renewals for 2020/2021. Some of these communications are asking if we are going to prorate our membership, provide refunds, or other monetary reimbursements for the range being closed due to the Public Health Order (PHO) issued by the Provincial government.

We will not be issuing refunds or rebates on this year’s memberships as our fixed costs haven’t changed. Our single biggest cost is the insurance we provide for our members and for the facility. That insurance is still valid if you choose to go hunting or shooting in the bush.

As well, our membership rates and terms are set at our AGM each year and due to the PHO we are unable to hold our AGM prior to renewals being done. While we hope this closure won’t go on for more than the initial set period, there is a strong chance the PHO will be extended. If that occurs we may visit this issue at next year’s AGM and see what can be done for our current members at that time.

For the coming period, we have decided that if a member cannot afford to renew due to loss of income during the PHO, we will not process any waitlist memberships until one month after the PHO is lifted, giving current members the chance to renew with no penalty during that grace period. As well, should a member need longer to rebuild their bank accounts, 2019/2020 members will be able to renew next year, again with no penalty, by applying to be put on the waitlist, and then being moved to the top.

We understand the frustration felt by many members with the closure, we sought legal advice to determine the best course of action, as well as talking to our insurer and that advice was, we are a non-essential service for our members as we are a sports facility. We are; however, deemed an essential service for our law enforcement agency customers, and as such are required to provide the services they have contracted us for. Even with that being the case all but a few of them have cancelled their rentals in the foreseeable future, which is also impacting the club’s income significantly. This makes our membership renewals even more important to us this year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this unique time.

Robert Engh
President Abbotsford Fish and Game Club