We are happy to announce the “We’re Back!” Match happening on Saturday September 29th at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club.

The match will consist of 4 Stages utilizing rifle shotgun and pistol. There will be a head to head shoot-off at the end of the match, time permitting. Scoring will be 3 gun nation rules format of time plus. Be there for the 9:30am shooter/safety meeting with first shot following at 10:00am.

Set up will be from 5pm-10pm Friday September 28th. Anyone willing to show up and help will receive and extra ticket to the prize table draw.

This includes Steel Shot, Steel Core, and Steel Cases. If it sticks to a magnet you won’t be shooting!!!

Rifle: 200 rounds
.223 minimum (pistol calibre carbines ok)

Shotgun: 200 rounds
12ga (target load 7.5, 8, 9 shot ok)
10 slugs

Pistol: 200 rounds
9mm minimum

That SHOULD leave you with plenty left for the shoot-off. (Bringing extra is never a bad idea)

Match fee is $55
Register at: https://practiscore.com/we-re-back/register

There are only 40 slots available so don’t wait!