//Workbee Parking Volunteers Wanted for Game Dinner

Workbee Parking Volunteers Wanted for Game Dinner

An URGENT call for Action to the “A Team”

More commonly known as the Men and woman and families of the Work Bee Troops.

Hi to all,

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a good slide into a Happy New Year!

This is a call for help for the next Work-bee project. But it is a fun one.

As you are aware our club is organizing our annual Game Dinner and Dance to be held on Saturday February 10, 2017. (Just about 1 month from now). This year’s theme is “Redneck”. (Just about what our President Mark Porter would wear daily ……Kidding!!!!!!!)

Yours truly has been tasked again to organize the Parking Procedure and control. Although not as busy as taking on a Canucks Game at GM Place, nevertheless, it will need a crew to ensure an orderly and safe procedure and have everyone tucked into a safe and secure spot.

I need your help. We need 10 people (only) to take on the task at hand. The doors open at 6 pm and dinner starts at 7 pm. So, work bee parking crew must step up to the plate at 4:30. Setting out cones, stationing of parking control personnel, etc. I think we will be finished with our duties shortly after 7:00. Certainly, no later than 7:30.

As you know I have always made work bees into a fun event. By volunteering for the Parking Detail not only will this count to your work bee credit, but also, I have procured 10 tickets of the event which will go to the 10 volunteers that take care of the Parking tasks.

Each one of these 10 participants will get one of these tickets. I suggest you dress warmly, if you intend to take part in the costume competition, wear it underneath your warm clothes, or change in the bathrooms after our work is done). Oh, yes, everyone please bring a working flashlight with you because it is winter and the sun has disappeared around 4:30. We will have vests and parking cones at hand.

Please e-mail me at: hstaub@shaw.ca ASAP.  Remember the 1st 10 people that volunteer will get tickets only.


Hardy Staub
Work Bee Meister


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