Well, at long last we are back! We started having folks into the range April 17th and while there haven’t been too many weeks since then, it has been a great start to the program. A number of young shooters and their parents have been coming out regularly now and it is great to see shooters young and old coming in and having fun.

Last week we had the 1st Laity View Scouts out for the evening and while very busy (24 shooters in two lines!) everyone had a great time. I think there are a few there who I’ll be seeing regularly in the future. After such a hiatus, it is great to be back!

Please note that due to the ongoing renovations to the main floor of the clubhouse, please come into Range 1 from the side entrance on the east side of the building near the temporary office trailers.

Thank you and I hope to see you Monday nights on Range 1!