Another month and another great few nights of shooting. There are a couple new shooters this last month who have been showing some exceptional skill; I see some competitions in their future!

Speaking of competition, one of our regular participants is off the week of July 15th to participate in the North American Indigenous Games in Halifax Nova Scotia! Please wish them well and I’ll let you know how it all turned out in the July update.

Some reminders:

  • The only entrance to Range 1 is around the side across from the archery range. Look for the sign; I’ve been pretty good at remembering to put it out on time!
  • There will be no club running on any holiday Mondays through the summer.
  • There will be no club night on Aug. 14th as I will be out of town.
  • We welcome anyone interested in shooting, although we do ask that parents initially provide 1:1 supervision for anyone under 10 years old.  You do not require your PAL, as you can shoot under our supervision, so if you have friends interested in giving it a try, bring them along.

Thank you and I hope to see you Monday nights on Range 1!
Russ Smalley
.22 Club