///22 Rifle Sub Club Report January 2017 

22 Rifle Sub Club Report January 2017 

.22 Rifle has been busy lately, with a full house more often than not. 

We will be hosting two additional shooting sessions for the Seabird Native Youth Group. They had to cancel due to snow in Agassiz last year. 

In additional, we will be providing RSOs, rifles, and ammo for their shooting completion end of February. 

So far we have sponsored Native Youth, Christian School Groups, Church Clubs, and Girl Guides. If you have a club/group that you would like to introduce to .22 Target Shooting, let me know. It’s a lot of fun, and a safer sport than hockey or football. We can accommodate anytime Range 1 is not committed. They do not need to bring anything. Range fee for a group would be $5.00 per shooter, with rifles, eye and ear protection, matts, and ammo supplied. 

We have volunteers that help during off-times, but are seldom available during Monday evenings. Thanks to Curt and Nikole for their efforts. 

We still need some standby assistance for Monday nights. As Pieter and I get older, it seems like our bodies start to fall apart. We need a few good people who we can train to become involved in youth shooting. 

Erling Lassesen 
22 Rifle Sub Club Chair, Director

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