Abbotsford Fish and Game Club is proud to offer our 2022 Post Secondary Scholarship Funds to the following recipients to encourage academic excellence and the pursuit of higher education among the membership.

3 scholarships were awarded this year for first year applicants at a value of $4,000 each and 4 students from previous years are continuing their education for scholarship amounts of $4,000 each.

New Recipients

Sarah Klassen – UVic

Thank you so much AFGC! Receiving the scholarship will allow me to further my education and to go to school for longer than I would have been able to without it.

I am looking at going to law school after getting a bachelors degree and with the funds I had I would not have been able to finance all of this but with the scholarship I will have a much greater chance at pursuing my dream. This will also help me to be able to focus on school and not have to worry about working while at school and will just motivate me to know that I have a whole community behind me and supporting me and my studies.

I am so so thankful for the opportunities given to me!

Gabe O’Sullivan – UFV

Hi, my name is Gabe O’Sullivan. I just graduated from Robert Bateman Secondary School in June, 2022 and will be attending the University of the Fraser Valley in the Fall to begin my Bachelors in Business Administration.

Since I was young, the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club has provided valuable opportunities for my family and I to spend time together and foster our love for the outdoors. We spend lots of time camping, fishing, trail riding, hiking and downhill mountain biking and I have always loved being out in nature. It was at the Club where I developed my interests in archery and shooting which have taught me discipline and focus.

I sincerely appreciate this scholarship opportunity from the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club. It will allow me to focus on my studies this year without having to work as many hours outside of school and ease my transition into University. Thank you so much to all the members for your generous support.

Ava Van Santen – TWU

I am very grateful to the membership of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club for supporting my post-secondary studies at Trinity Western University through granting me a scholarship. This award will be of tremendous assistance to me as university is a huge expense that I will struggle to afford. Your generosity will help ease the financial burden as my education will be primarily financed through academic and athletic scholarships, part-time work and student loans.

The scholarship will assist me towards my goal of pursuing a psychology major in university and eventually becoming a counsellor or psychologist. I am not deterred by the hard work it will take to fulfill this dream as I have struggled with my own mental health and I know how lonely and hopeless it can feel to be mentally ill. I have decided on this career path as I want to make a difference in children who are struggling as my counsellors did for me. Receiving this scholarship to help pay for my education will allow me to give back to my community through helping others.

Scholarship Renewals

Jacob Badalucco – UBC (2nd Year)

I just recently finished my first year as a student at UBC Vancouver studying economics and political science. It was a challenging first year and I had to overcome many obstacles. However, now that it is over, I can confidently say that I am satisfied with my studying results as I have learned much about my field of study and of myself.

Without a doubt, my first year would not have been the same if it were not for the AFGC scholarship. With money being less of a concern, I could focus more of my time and effort on my studying which left me with grade results exceeding my expectations.

It is for that reason that I am grateful to the AFGC for giving me the honour of being a 2021 AFGC scholarship winner and the annual scholarship renewal.

Libby Baird – College of New Caledonia (2nd Year)

I am Libby Baird, a nursing student at the College of New Caledonia of Prince George. Moving across the province for school brought many stressors and expenses such as living costs and tuition. This scholarship greatly impacted my first year as it helped me releive the stress of paying for expensive education-related fees.

It is an honour to be chosen as a recipient of the AFGC scholarship. I am excited to enter my second year of college with the support of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club to help me pursue my career in nursing.

Lauryn Fraser – UBC (2nd Year)

This year was a challenging one, between adjusting to university level education and taking courses in a hybrid form due to the pandemic, there was never a moment where I was not busy. The AFGC scholarship however has eased some of my stress and allowed me to focus on my studies while not having to worry as much about working to pay for tuition.

I will be continuing my degree in science and have chosen to specialize in a Combined Major in Chemistry and Oceanography, which allows me to combine my interest in chemical processes and my hobby of aquarium keeping.

I am excited for my second year of university, and would like to thank once again the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club for this opportunity.

Sophia Hodges – UFV (3rd Year)

The past year has been a challenge, but I am proud of how far I have come since my first year of university! There were many times that I struggled during this school year, but overall I succeeded in achieving my goals. I was able to declare a major in psychology, and I hope to add a criminology minor later this year. During this past school year, I found myself more interested in criminology, and I hope to one day pursue a career as a forensic psychologist. Through the psychology and criminal justice programs at UFV, I have been able to broaden my understanding of these fields and am excited to join them together in my desired career. Thanks to my excellent professors and UFV staff, I am now working towards a career that I am passionate about.

The scholarship awarded to me by the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club was once again instrumental in my success this year. Because of this scholarship, school was able to remain a priority, and although many of my classes were much more challenging than my first year, I was able to focus on schooling and work hard. I was also able to focus more on my dance teaching job, which is a job that I have had since before my university career and hope to continue in for the remainder of my schooling. Thanks to the AFGC, I was able to support my students and be there for their performances, instead of being weighed down with a combination of overwhelming amounts of schoolwork and full time shifts. Teaching dance is something that fills my heart and helps me support my mental health, and I appreciate the AFGC for helping me allocate time to it.

I am about to enter my third year at UFV, and I am excited for the challenge of upper level classes and the opportunity to grow my understanding of my chosen career path. I will continue to teach dance classes, and I am excited to grow my artistic skills as well. Over the past year, I have found a passion in makeup artistry, and I continue to paint as a way to express myself outside of school and work. I hope to continue to represent the AFGC with pride, and am excited to visit the range more often on breaks and in between semesters.

Thank you to the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club for the support, and thank you for providing opportunities to students like me despite the setbacks we’ve all faced these last few years.

Elisabeth Klassen – University of Victoria (4th Year)

My name is Elisabeth Klassen, and I’m going into my fourth calendar year as a student at the University of Victoria, although, due to the co-op work terms included in my course schedule, am officially still a third-year student. I’ve been a member of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club for nine years.

The Abbotsford Fish and Game Club’s scholarship was a significant aid to me with my studies this year. The return to in-person classes added a lot of new challenges and difficulties to the school year, as I had to re-adapt to in-person and hybrid classes. The scholarship provided by the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club allowed me to pay for tuition and supplies and to focus on the changes to my classes as I worked on smoothing the return to in-person classes. Having the extra money allowed me one less thing to worry about, helping me to focus on the classes and get good grades, in order to continue doing well in my program. This also helped me as the classes steadily increased in difficulty, requiring more of my time and effort.

The learning curve, both of going back to in-person learning and of the increasing difficulty in classes, presented plenty of new challenges for me. It was hard to rise to the occasion at times, but I persevered, and I feel confident in my ability to make this next year my best yet.

I want to thank the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club for their continued support of my education and for everything they’ve done in improving my university career.

Avery Wong – UBC (2nd Year)

My first year as a part of UBC’s faculty of applied science proved to be a remarkable challenge. Balancing schoolwork, social life, hobbies, and rest, all while adjusting to a completely new environment, proved to be very difficult. Despite this, I was able to push forward and finish the year with considerable results and was granted entrance into my desired program, UBC Engineering Physics.

I am incredibly grateful to AFGC for supporting me with this scholarship, as I would not have had the resources available to achieve the grades I did and would likely have not been accepted into my program. AFGC provided me the opportunity to focus hard on schoolwork while maintaining my physical and mental health, and also allowed me to continue to partake in my passion of competing in IPSC. During this summer, I have been practicing weekly at the club, and will be competing at nationals representing BC in only a few weeks.

As I approach upper years, my schedule will continue to get busier, so I’m incredibly appreciative of the continued support from AFGC.

Thank you so much to AFGC and the community!

Congratulations! We wish you all success in your studies and years to come!

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