Summer is here and the heat came along too, for a short while at least!

It’s great to see people back out and enjoying the club, we had some visitors from Thompson Mountain in July too, as their range had paving being done which prevented their members from accessing the facility. Since they were kind enough to let our members use their ranges while we were closed we opened up our ranges to them as well, with free guest passes if they attended with a member of AFGC. Clubs working together is important, now more than ever.

If you haven’t purchased a new handgun, I highly recommend doing so now, before the law changes, and they become unavailable, dealers are getting guns sporadically right now, so keep an eye on websites for new listings. While we thought everything was gone a couple weeks ago, new stock has arrived at many stores the last few days and is selling quick. If you already have a pistol that you use regularly, it’s a good idea to get a backup, or even a third one, you know, just in case one of them needs work, or breaks, or, or, or lol. You can never have too many, I know many members who’ve bought more than 10, and in some cases more than 20 pistols in the last month, crossing things off of wish lists that they’ve had for years.

We are still a long way from being done at the club when it comes to restoration, the clubhouse is still gutted, but we are getting closer to the permit to fix that, as the city has recommended to council to accept the zoning/bylaw changes needed so we can get to work, which is great. As soon as that is finalized I’m hoping we’ll get our building permit, and put out requests for tenders on doing the work. The trap club house drawings have been sent to us and we are just waiting on mechanical so we can apply for the permit for it. Lastly, the creek work will be beginning soon on Range 2, which will require it to be closed for an extended period of time, probably 3 weeks, maybe more. If we can open on weekends we will, but that will depend on what machinery is on site and if there somewhere to move it to easily. Please watch the calendar closely.