Last year, at the 2021 AGM, a new STUDENT membership level was instituted and approved by the membership.

This membership can be applied for in two different ways.

  1. A child in a FAMILY membership who turns 19, can remain a FAMILY member as long as they are a student attending an accredited post-secondary institution. There is NO additional cost involved in this FAMILY membership.
  2. A REGULAR member, who is a student attending an accredited post-secondary institution, can have their REGULAR membership converted to a STUDENT membership. The cost of this STUDENT membership is available at the reduced rate of $85.00 annually.

Students can maintain this membership until their student status ends or until the age 25 if they remain a student.

All those requesting STUDENT membership must provide a current valid student card showing the status of their post-secondary education.

The deadline for application for the 2022/23 membership year is April 30th.

Please contact to obtain this membership or if you have any further questions.