Dear Members,

On February 18, 2021 the Federal Liberals introduced Bill C-21 in an attempt to stop the illegal use of firearms in Canada. It is the position of Abbotsford Fish and Game Club that this Bill will have absolutely no effect on stopping crime or guns from entering Canada illegally through the United States. It will in no way stop the senseless killings we are hearing on the news constantly in large cities like Vancouver, Surrey and Toronto.

The Abbotsford Fish and Game Club is strongly opposed to Bill C-21 because it will have no impact on reducing crime in Canada.

Bill C-21 is aimed directly at our Members and the entire shooting community, now including paintball, airsoft and pellet gun enthusiasts. We are neighbours, teachers, doctors, preachers, labourers, business owners, coaches, friends and relatives. No one is immune to this sweeping ban and it will affect your rights and freedoms as a registered firearms owner.

We all want a safer Canada, but spending billions of dollars on policy that will have no effect on crime is not the way to do it. This statement is supported by many police departments and political leaders across the country. Even the liberal government’s own statistics show this will not work.

Furthermore, the two largest cities in BC, Surrey and Vancouver, have gone on record to announce that when given the opportunity will be applying for a complete handgun ban in their jurisdictions. As of now we don’t know what that will look like or what the consequences will be for any member that lives in or travels through those areas.

There are many articles written in detail about what the new proposed laws will be and how they will affect you as a law abiding gun owner. We encourage you to educate yourself and others about this complete overreach of the government on its citizens.

Here are a few suggestions to help fight Bill C-21:

  1. Tell your friends and family about what is going on.
  2. Contact your federal member of parliament, your provincial MLA, and your local city councillor and mayor. Tell them that you are opposed to federal Bill C-21 in its entirety. Bill C-21 will have an effect on those three levels of government.
  3. Make an appointment to speak to these elected officials in person.
  4. Call and write letters and emails to all levels of government to oppose this unjust bill.
  5. Join and or further support your firearm rights/action groups: CCFR, NFA and CSSA.
  6. Work to ensure that the Liberal Party of Canada loses the next election.
  7. Organize your friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

In the coming months, Abbotsford Fish and Game Club is planning on launching a donation matching campaign to further support our community and the groups who are fighting for us.

Below are some links to leaders that you can contact and let them know we will not stand for this. The only way we can keep our government from passing terrible legislation like this is to band together as one community and not let the Liberals continue to divide us.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart: @kennedystewart @kennedy.stewart
Phone: 604-305-2957

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum
Phone: 604-591-4126

The Rt. Hon Justin Trudeau, MP – Prime Minister of Canada
The Hon. Bill Blair, MP – Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 (no postage necessary) @JustinTrudeau @CanadianPM