Six shooters out, for the August ATS day; movement drills and some ‘back to basics’.

September’s ATS day is Sept 30th; pistol / carbine / shotgun, 250 rounds per platform. Veritac Alumni start, 0830 for blue gun drills; regular ATS start, 1030.

Range 3, $10.00 drop in fee.

Upcoming training will see the Veritac Dismounted Small Team Operations Course, 26-28 October.

This course assumes core competencies in Multi-Weapon Operations (or equivalent LE / MIL / other agency training) and covers advanced techniques for small teams operating in a dismounted role within austere or non-permissive environments. Fundamentals will be drawn and built upon based on current special operation forces doctrine. This is a hybrid classroom + live fire skills rehearsal and confirmation where most of the 2.5 days will be spent running students through introduction to vehicles, seating arrangements (PPO, VIP, driver and shooters), and contact drills. Use of static vehicles as a base for exfil and cover may be expected. Review of Tactical Trauma including TQ application and wound packing will be demonstrated as well as applied.

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