August has been a busy month.

The trenching for the all the water lines is complete.

We had a conduit trenched in do the archery shed so that a security swipe can be added to the door.

The plumping has been done so now the outdoor spigots are operational.

We picked up the new BBQ and assembled it for use at the open house.

As I am sure many have notice the excavation on the Archery range is complete.

Dan has wired up the new pump in the drainage pit off of R3.

The Range 2 expansion is nearing completion.

We changed backer in Range 1 and had to replace 5 of the rubber blocks.

We have been having a little run on members leaving their backers and stands out after they are finished. Please remember this is your responsibility.

Just a reminder to 22 calibre shooters, even though your casings are small you still need to clean up.

Not wanting to call a cease fire is not an excuse to leave backers out and casings not cleaned up.

As well as our normal daily and weekly tasks.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner