0900 setup, med plan and four fundamental rules!
Heavy rain and the wind, just a perfect ATS day!

With 10 shooters on the line, started with accuracy practice on the paper but thanks to the weather, had to switch to steel.
Added turns, moves and positional shooting.
Transitioned to the carbine and finished the day with 9-hole TAC walls moving forward using cover and breaking contact.

Upcoming courses this year:

March 23rd-24th Gunfighter Dynamics by OFFSPECWAR: https://offspecwar.ca/shop/p/gunfighter-dynamics-course
Prerequisites: A formal shooting training with handguns and carbine/rifle is required to attend Gunfighter Dynamics. Registered attendees will be subject to vetting and review of prior experience.

May 25th-26th Gunfighter Essentials – Handgun by OFFSPECWAR: https://offspecwar.ca/shop/p/gunfighter-essentials-handgun-course
Prerequisites: Safe firearms handling and familiarity with your handgun are the only prerequisites for attendance.

Igor Radvan ATS