In lieu of the regular ATS Day, we were hosting Veritac’s DSTO course over the weekend.
9 Shooters joined the course including three ATS members.
It was very good to see the level of training of this group exceeded expectations.
As a result, we went far and beyond what previous DSTO courses were able to offer, while keeping everyone safe.
This was the last Veritac course this year. Regular ATS will resume starting this month.

The next ATS day is 28 November; Range 3, $20 drop in fee. Please RSVP, if you plan on attending.

The tentative date for the Shivworks Edged Weapons Overview course is still TBC, depending on the international travel restrictions dictated by our Ottawa and Victoria Masters, and instructor availablility.

For next year, ATS is exploring some potential training opportunities;

Potential Veritac Course offerings:

See for more information.

Proposed courses for 2022 are:
SF Tactical Shooting 1 – Rifle
SF Tactical Shooting 2 – Rifle
SF Tactical Shooting 2/3 Hybrid – Rifle
Dismounted Small Team Operations (DSTO)
Vehicle Tactics, Angles & Considerations (VTAC)
Confined Spaces Combatives

SF Tactical Shooting 1 – Rifle is the first course in a graduated program aimed to provide participants, with no previous experience, an introduction to tactical shooting principles, skills, and culture that they will need in order to progress to SFTP2 and SFTP3.
These are graduated courses, and compentency in the previous level is required for advancement.

Potential Phaseline Green courses:

See for more information.

Potential courses on offer:

Pistol Operator
Advanced pistol
Subcalibre Tac Rifle
Shotgun Operator
Scout Rifle Operator
Vehicle CQB
Red dot Pistol Operator

Note that an expresion of interest from the membership, particularily ATS members, is required in any of the above courses, prior to the ATS directors engaging in discussions with the providers.
Please forward any expresions of intrest to the ATS email, prior to the end of November. If we don’t recieve any feedback, ATS may proceed with limited to no paid training oportunities for 2022.

Regards, all.

Claude Murdoch and Igor Radvan
ATS Directors