Local Rivers

Fraser River: tidal and non-tidal – really producing a lot of sturgeon with the salmonids annual migration. DFO is working hand in hand with Provincial fisheries and volunteers scaling the Lilloette Big Bar slide – this is creating some turbidity but does not seem to be bothering the trout or sturgeon in any negative ways. Best baits for the sturgeon are salmon parts; fresh squaw fish; followed by lampreys,oolichons and roe pieces bagged. Baits for the trout are krill; single egg’s; live dew worms and crickets. At present there is no retention of chinook or sockeye. Possible opening August 25th.

Chilliwack/Vedder: is now open for chinook and hatchery rainbow trout. Jigs tipped with shrimp meat are the ticket to success! Conditions are low and gin clear. Change ups include worms and grasshoppers; spinners and medium sized spoons.

Chehalis/Harrison: Low and clear – early morning tactics a must! Open for chinook and summer run steelhead. Best baits are small jigs tipped with krill or shrimp – also single eggs! Your change ups are important – stay on the smaller side as conditions are tough!

Local Lakes

Kawkawa Lake: is still producing Kokanee and cutthroat. Troll with wedding rings, dick nights and Kokanee seekers. Kokanee are close to thebottom – 30 to 40 feet, use krill; roe shrimp; single eggs and lots of krill scent.

Grace, Wolf, Deer, Hicks, Elbow and Stacey lakes are freshly re-stocked and everyone is limiting out.single eggs; krill and worms are working the best!

Cultus Lake is good for bull trout and cutthroats – troll as deep as 60 feet. Slow troll is best tactic.

Interior Lakes

Hot weather is affecting the lower elevation lakes, the higher you go the better the angling – 4000’ and up! Use May flies, leeches and caddis.

Chair: Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Dylan Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina