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FVRRC Report April 2024

Last month we had a couple of good turnouts, but our last event was cancelled due to an illness. With the weather getting warmer and with the likelihood of things becoming more dry, we will be pulling out the trap machine more often. To our members, this means please feel free to bring your [...]

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FVRRC March 2024 Report

Last month we held our first event back on range since last year. I’m very proud to report that we had an amazing turnout for the first event with many new faces, and I’d like to give a special thank you to several of my regular members for all of their help ensuring things [...]

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FVRRC Feb 2024

The FVRRC has taken a break over the holiday season as well as the month of January but now we are ready to resume our bi-weekly events beginning in mid-February. We are excited to be back on range and will update our Facebook page with the date of our next event.

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FVRRC Update January 2024

Happy New Year from the FVRRC! Our club has taken a break for the remainder of 2023 which will continue for a short time into 2024. We are hoping to begin our range days prior to the end of January, but no concrete date has been set. Please stay tuned to our Facebook for [...]

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FVRRC Report December 2023

The month of November held our last event of the year as we will be taking a short break over December for our exam period and for the holidays. We had a great turnout throughout the month even with the sub-par weather at our last event and are looking forward to being back on [...]

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FVRRC Report Nov 2023

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween this year! Those of us at our last range event had a blast shooting pumpkins and a small cannon for that matter. Cleanup was made very easy thanks to tarps and ground covers, and thanks again to both Rob and Ryan for supplies and the cannon. This [...]

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FVRRC Report October 2023

In the time since many of us returned to campus, our club has had 2 successful events with our last unfortunately being cancelled. With midterms now upon us we will still be hosting our October 16th range event and look forward to seeing those of you there, however we also understand that many of [...]

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FVRRC Report September 2023

The summer was fantastic for our club as we saw many new students and regulars which meant each event was a fun night. Now comes September and with it the new school semester. Our event on Labour Day went well and saw a first time shotgun shooter excelling on the line. Coming up this [...]

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FVRRC Report July 2023

Our last event was a planned shotgun night in which we went through a couple boxes of clays and had lots of fun doing it. After the event, our members met up for dinner and did a small social night which turned out to be a great time. In the month of July the FVRRC [...]

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FVRRS Update June 2023

Several groups of new students have been present over the past month and with the incredible weather we have been making great use of our clay thrower. Our next event will fall on June 12th and will focus on Shotguns and non-restricted rifles, with the following event taking place on June the 26th with no [...]

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FVRRC Report May 2023

We have had lots of members showing up for our last several events, along with a few new faces, and lots of new and interesting firearms. We have two more range dates in May, one on the 15th, and the next on the 29th. Now that the weather will change every 5 minutes, we [...]

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