Regardless of the wet and dreary start to our summer, we have seen good numbers at our events lately and we expect this to be consistent over the remainder of the summer months.

Our membership event “sign-in” sheet is now in the process of moving from a paper copy to a digital sign in, but for members who have attended events in the past no additional information is needed. For those who are interested in coming to one of our events for the first time, please send me an email at as I need information from you prior to you arriving at the range.

Our next event will be June 17th. For this month’s event we would like to have our members bring your fathers down to the range for a night out of shooting with us. Before coming, please make sure you get ahold of me to let me know you and your dad will be joining us as I will still need to restrict the number of individuals on range, and will need some information for our club insurance. For more information please see our Facebook page.

I’m wishing all of the dads a happy Father’s Day this month as well, you do us proud!

Thank you!