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Trap Report April 2021

Trap was scheduled to commence Thursday and the third Sunday shoots on the 1st of April but has been put on hold for three weeks due to the new restrictions. Members remain optimistic and excited to attend trap events and will be back on track starting April 29th.

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Central Okanagan Shotgun Sports Club needs your help

The Central Okanagan Sport Shooting Club was recently broken into and many items stolen - again (unfortunately this happened several years ago also). Please read the attached for a list of items which may be circulating. If you hear of anything suspicious please call the Kelowna RCMP and quote the provided case number. If [...]

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October 2020 Trap Report

The interclub shot at Agassiz on September the 13. The Abbotsford team consisted of; Greg Wesselivs 22 Daryl Jantzen 19 Dean Wohlberg 15 Ed Parsons 15 Jordy Thiessen 22 The total final score : Mission 109 Agassiz 103 Abbotsford 93 Chilliwack 83 The club had twelve people [...]

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Trap Report September 2020

Aug 16, 4 shooters out, temp was 35+. Next shoot Sept 20 Oct 18. Interclub at Agassiz Sept 13. Aug 6 practice night in spite of bad highway and feeder road tie ups 9 shooters out. Aug 13: 9, 16: 12. Nathan is willing to run practice night into Sept.

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Trap Report August 2020

July 19 had meeting of Trap Club members. Ron Edward, Nathen Cole and Daryl Jantzen will be signing officers on club account. Discussion on old trap machines, retain and possibly mount on side wall or tower. Discussion refurbishment of trap gun rack - Nathen will take charge. Discussion on patterning plate - need main [...]

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Trap Report June 2020

May 28 first night practice 11 people out. Due to COVID club trophies will not be shot this year as the 200 bird would end in Jan. Next monthly June 21.

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Trap Report January 2020

Had about 35 people out. Around 40 prize shoots were shot. Thanks to Daryl Jantzen for running counter, Ed and Dave for clean up and Ron Edward for pulling targets. Next shoot January 19th.

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Trap Report December 2019

Due to rain only 2 people shot on the 18th. 2 others watched. Trap donated a turkey to the Dec 5th meeting. Dec 15th is the Turkey Shoot A win for each 6 person squad. Jan 19, 2020 is the start of the 200 Bird Trophy. Your best score each month for 8 months. [...]

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Trap Report Sept Oct 2019

August: 9 shooters 50 single - Daryl Jantzen 45/50 Guns Down - Greg Wesselius 21/25 (49 in shoot off) Doubles - Greg Wesselius 43/50 Hi Aggregate - Greg Wesselius 108/125 Night Practice 16x 14, 11, 17 Thanks to Dan and Audrey for helping unload targets. 7 of us unloaded 378 in 1.5 hours. Nathan Gole [...]

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