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December Trap Report

Our last shoot on November 19 saw 3 shooters. The weather wasn’t the greatest with rain off and on and light wind gusts. Anyone interested in Trap shooting is always welcome and we are more than happy to assist new shooters. We begin our Sunday shoots at 10am and go until everyone has had enough. [...]

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November 2023 Trap Report

Although the weather held up for us this month, the early darkness has brought an end to our Thursday Night Trap practices. We will continue shooting on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 10am. Anyone interested in giving Trap shooting a try is more than welcome to come out and give it a [...]

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Trap Report October 2023

The same shooters are sticking out the early darkness and Thursday night practice will continue at least another week. Ron has had his hip surgery and all went well and he is home recovering. We look forward to his return to the club in the new year. Abbotsford Trap Club

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September 2023 Trap Report

Thursday night practice sessions have been steady with the usual shooters attending and some new faces. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no need to sign up in advance. We start shooting at 6pm, the number of shooters and the weather dictate how long we shoot for. On August 20th we hosted [...]

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August 2023 Trap Report

July has been a steady month for trap shooting. Some windy evenings have made for interesting and unpredictable flight paths. Next month we will be hosting the interclub shoot on Aug 20. July 6: 5 Shooters July 13: 5 Shooters July 16: 5 Shooters July 20: 5 Shooters July 27: 6 Shooters New shooters are [...]

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July 2023 Trap Club Report

We are now in full swing and seeing some familiar faces on Thursday nights. New shooters are always welcome and everyone is more than happy to walk you through if you haven’t shot a round of trap before. Thanks to Reliable Gun for resupplying us with Target Loads and a huge thanks to Hermes [...]

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Trap Club Update June 2023

After a long hiatus from the flooding, Trap Club is back up running. The new machine is working flawlessly and temporary power is being run through an extension cord. Weekly practice nights are still on Thursdays at 6pm and the Third Sunday of every month. This year is our year to host the Interclub event [...]

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Trap Club Report October 2022

New trap arrived, but damaged in transit. Nathan Gole has contacted shipper, replacement part ordered. Nathan has contacted Lowry to order targets, Caldwell not in business any longer. Nathan Gole, Greg Wesselius and Ron Edward held workbee to get trap into house. Their membership will be credited for the year. Nathan is getting electricians to [...]

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Trap Report November 2021

Had 8 shooters out with light rain. Dean Wolberg shot his first 25 straight. Next shoot Nov. 21 / Dec 19 Due to COVID no Turkey Shoot in December.

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Trap Report October 2021

On Sept 2 we had 11 shooters then 5, 6, 12 and 2 who left due to time and 4, the lower attendance was due to weather. On Sept 19 we had 3 people out. Sept 30 is the last Thursday night practice until 2022. Due to COVID restrictions there is no plan to [...]

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Trap Report September 2021

We had the following turnouts for night practice Aug 5 - 7, 7, 8, 7. Good considering rain. The Sunday shoot was only 4 people.  The hydraulic lifts on the trap were replaced. Much discussion on seals down - it might leak, seals up - will dry out and not hold pressure. Original installation [...]

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