This past weekend marked the end of our biathlon season as cadets from across BC raced at Provincials on Mt Washington. There will be no Nationals held this year.

The snow dumped so hard the morning of the race,  have been packed, groomed trails, was actually pillowy routes so deep that you couldn’t see the biathletes skis! Zeroing and shooting proved to be difficult since the 50m targets were barely visible through the falling snow! The race format was a mass start (they all start at once, versus the usual 30 second intervals), with 2 or 3 laps, and 2 or 3 bouts of shooting depending on the athlete’s age. There are 3 age groups for both males and females, for a total of 6 categories. 44 cadets total from every corner of BC.

Cadets that call AFGC their “home range” did phenomenally well, claiming 10 of the 18 possible medals. Including: 5/6 Golds, 2/6 silvers, and 3/6 bronzes. Some ranking were tight being only seconds apart, while others were astoundingly minutes ahead. Minutes!

We would like to thank you again for allowing us to practice at AFGC. Although we didn’t get to train there this year, the residual skills gained by returning cadets who have had the opportunity to use your facilities in the past is irrefutably a large part of why they did so well.

Thank you and thank you again for supporting shooting sports for youth, we are forever grateful.


Elizabeth Martin
Civilian Instructor
907 RCACS Black Knights

Below are a few photos for your enjoyment. Please note the pink highlight in the standings represent “AFGC Cadets”.