This past weekend was our big tri-service Biathlon Zone competition at the Sherman Armouries in Richmond. 79 teens, coming from all 3 zones in the Lower Mainland, competed together in a Summer Biathlon style event.

This race consisted of running 3 loops of 1.5km each, with bouts of 5 targets in between. They got to run their whole 4.5km in that glorious atmospheric river that passed through, but it didn’t dampen spirits. This is our first year having switched to running and air rifles for Zones, opposed to the usual skiing and 22s. Despite the change, the cadets that have frequented AFGC in the past were still very well represented in the combined standings. All their hard work really paid off.

10 of the 79 athletes had 100% target accuracy! And they were ALL from squadrons or corps that AFGC supports. ALL OF THEM! So thank you!

We got an average of 73.6% accuracy for the AFGC supported cadets compared to the 51.3% average for non-AFGC cadets. The top ranking cadets will move on to the Provincial Championship at Mt. Washington on the Island at the end of February (with skiing and 22s!). Fingers crossed!

Thank you again for your continued support of shooting sports for youth.


Elizabeth Martin
Civilian Instructor 
907 RCACS Black Knights