Spring is here and mowing has begun.

There were 244 guest passes used from Feb 25 to March 27. You are allowed 3 guests per membership (NOT per member)

A reminder, if you have forgotten your swipe card you will not be able to access the ranges. You will be considered a guest and guest rules will apply.

Unfortunately, we have had to ask a few members to leave, for failure to have safety equipment on when the ranges are hot. You are responsible for making sure you and your guest are complying with the range rules.

The side berms have been hydo-seeded and we have used a soil conditioner to level out the ranges. They have all been seeded. 

The roll up door have been moved to open for the summer season.

There was 1504 lbs of brass recycled.

Meetings are on going for start up of summer work. Please make sure you check the web site for closures before heading out.

Dueling trees have been added to range 2.

As usual we are kept busy with our regular duties.

Thank you
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner