Spring is still taking it’s time to get here, but at least it’s brighter every day giving us some beautiful days at the range.

We are still having problems with people not wearing their safety glasses on the ranges and we are at a loss as to why this is happening. As such there will be some changes coming in how we approach this and what will be expected of our members, this cannot continue. This applies to bringing too many people as guests or not paying for those guests immediately upon getting to the range door. Fees must be paid before entering the ranges, not after you’re setup, or after you’re done shooting. Before your guests can enter the range, they must be wearing a paid-for-visitor tag that has been filled out properly.

Ian and I met with the Mayor of Abbotsford to discuss the ongoing problems getting building permits to restore the club and get the reno done. It was a good meeting, hopefully we will be seeing movement soon on resolving this. If you live in Abbotsford, reaching out to your city councilors and even the mayor’s office, would be appreciated. Be polite of course, but explain how important the club is to you, and that this delay is unacceptable. Grass roots still works, and the club needs the help.