New guest passed were implemented on July 1st. Thanks to Geoff F. for the great instruction sheet. There were 100 passes used in the first week. Please read the instructions carefully. Please double check that your guests have put the used pass in the cash box when they leave the range, we are recycling them.

The trap project was completed and the trap shooting lane area was sodded. Please remember that the shooting bays in front of the trap line are for long distance shooting only.  No targets in front, on the lines, between the line and mound or on top of the trap mound.

We had the range 2 & 4 graded, soil conditioned and we seeded. The grass is coming up. Members please STOP putting rocks out on range 2 as markers!

We painted firing lines on Range 2, 2B and 5.

Archery had their Canucks Charity Event. We thank you for the care you took with range 2 and the great clean up.

We were away for a week and thank Clyde for taking care of things for us.

We cleared the weeds and made a small drainage trench along the flower bed in front of Range 3.

The open house was great fun. Thanks to all on the great job with cleaning up.

As well as our normal routine.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner