Eavestrough on all ranges has been leveled and leaf guard installed. Thank you for your patience, as we had to close Range 2 for a bit.

We are having some growing pains with the gate. Not closing and for now anyone who needs to start early, will have to come get a fob from us. Looks like all the swipes should be installed by early December.

We have completed a bunch of little jobs, replaced sink in men’s room. Tightened and replaced missing screw on plexi-glass for all ranges. Cleaned out the drainage pits in the main parking lot. Put reflective tape on the gates. Put door latch on Archery door, changed exterior range red/green lights to LED. Put down decontamination mat on Range 1.

The Chimney and all the furnace ducts have been cleaned.

We had some flooding on Nov 23 leading to the closure of the ranges.

We did some sand bagging of the Cub House and Trap House. BIG THANKS to the member who stopped to help. Luckily the water did not come up that far. It took a full day of pumping water to clear range 3 and 4, then remove mud and debris. Ranges reopened on Nov 25. We removed the sand bags and the pile of gravel by the front door.

The new boom mower has arrived. The tractor has been serviced and the mower attachments are in place.

As well as our normal routine:

  • Backers are changes out weekly or as needed.
  • Bathrooms are checked every day and cleaned up
  • Brass bins are being emptied twice a week or more
  • Garbage’s and ranges are cleaned every night or more if needed.
  • Clean boardroom weekly.
  • Clean decontamination mat as required
  • Wash range 1 floor as needed
  • Mowing as required

We Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas!

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner