Local Rivers

Fraser: November storms have made the Fraser a hazard – still open for chinook, limit of 4 salmon/day; Coho (hatchery only) 2/day; chum 2/day

Harrison: getting slower now it’s curtain time for the chum. I am still limiting out on OK blackheads for the smoker. Northern Coho should be any time now! Use swim jigs and regular mariboo jigs and spinners. Hatchery Coho 4/day

Chehalis: still producing coho (getting coloured) chum are getting close: chinooks are finished.

Vedder/Chilliwack: Blown out!! But -this means the steelhead will be here when it all settles down. Steelhead (hatchery) 1/day. Yearly quota of 10 fish – 4 hatchery rainbow trout.

Dewdney/Nicomen: really producing coho now that there is water! Spoons and twitching jigs are best. 2 over 35cm. 2 under/day.

Local Lakes

Hicks; Trout; Deer; Weaver – all producing rainbows and cutthroat! Cultus still giving up cutty’s and dolly’s.

Interior Lakes

No information yet!

Tight lines in 2018……..

Loren Sherbina – Chair
Elaine Ridout – Co-Chair
Dylan Francis – Co-Chair