Luckily for us November this year was far less eventful

We would like to thank Matthew for helping us out so we could go away for a few days.

There has been progress on Range 1 – the floors have now been cleared of old paint and resealed. The walls have been painted, as well as the lines on the floor. Dan will be doing the second sealing on floor shortly, we had to wait for the paint to cure.

The new floor cleaning machine has arrived, just in time as we hope that range one will be opening soon.

The weather station has been reinstalled and is up and running if you want to know what is happening before you head out here. Just go to the website for instructions on how to access it.

The irrigation system on the garden beds has been winterized

2 Rifle rest have been added to Range 2 – please use and sent some feedback on any improvement we can make.  We will be putting up more once we have a design that works well.

There were 182 Guest passes used from Oct 30 to Nov 30

We have installed the Christmas Lights

And we are keeping busy with our regular daily tasks.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner