We would like to thank Ken for helping us out, so we could go away for a few days.

We did some maintenance on the weather station and it appears to be working again.

One of the washrooms was out of order for a few days. Upon repairing the grinder we discovered that our members, renters and guests do not appear to understand that paper towel does not get flushed down the toilet. Maybe we need to look at taking the paper towel out completely.

There was 1490 lbs of Brass recycled.

There were 260 Guest passes used from Oct 29 to Nov 30.

We have done 8 orientations from the list of 35 that Jack sent to us.

The limited visibility area procedures has gone live.

We have installed new rifle rest on Range 2 & 3, getting some feedback on them would be great.

Work is progressing on getting the roll up doors operational. They should be working by mid-month. Watch the web site of more information.

We have installed the Christmas Lights.

We purchase 4 new carts, let’s try to take care with them.

And we are keeping busy with our regular daily tasks.

As always, please check the website before heading out.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner