//Caretakers Report June 2017

Caretakers Report June 2017

  • General building maintenance and cleaning.
  • Clearbrook Roofing came to patch the bullet hole in the indoor range roof that was made during DFOs rental. The roofer will need to replace one complete sheet of roofing to repair it permanently DFO will be billed for this repair.
  • Abby Glass came to measure the window with the rock hole in it in the upstairs landing area and a week or so later came and replaced both of the windows there.
  • Ordered drop in envelopes and picked them up.
  • Mowed lawns and weedeated. Sprayed roundup on all areas which needed grass and weeds killed on it.
  • Pressure washed the outside of the modular.
  • Dumped brass on all ranges.
  • Range 3 was stuck under lockdown so we had to call Erling at Adtech to come and fix it as no one else knew how to fix it. We reset alarm code for Adtech technician.
  • Fire Department came for inspection and we need to get the vents cleaned in the kitchen but twice we had an appointment with National Vents (who did it in the past) and they cancelled the appointment – if anyone knows of a company that cleans kitchen vents please let us know.
  • Purchased fuel and supplies for the club.
  • Purchased cleaning products from Clean Answers.
  • Replaced all target backers on all ranges.
  • Updated our job description and duties for the committee who is looking for a replacement caretaker.
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